This year is the year of world elections

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Jan 15, 2012 00:40 election world Japan leader president
Many elections which decide paramount leaders will be held at many countries this year. It is truly the year of elections. First big election which deside president is held in Russia at March. Next big election is French presidental election which is held at May. National Congress of the Communist Party of China is held at Octorber. At November, U.S. presidental election is held.
I think this year may be the base year of world change in a few years if paramount leaders in several countries change. The election of members of the House of Representatives of Japan will be not to be held at this year because they have two more years in office, but the election may be held at this year because Japanese prime minister has the power to dissolve The House of Representatives. Are you interested in the world elections which decide paramount leaders?

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