Happy New Year and this year is dragon year

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Jan 1, 2012 23:50 Japan new year dragon eto anecdotage
Happy New Year. I hope this year will be good for my lang-8 friends.

This year is dragon year . Do you like dragon? I like dragon. Every year are represented by Eto(干支). Eto is Oriental Zodiac. It represents year ,time, bearing by the twelve unit in days of old. The twelve unit are mouse, crummie, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, boar in order. They are represented 子(ネ、ねずみ)、丑(ウシ、牛)、寅(トラ、虎)、卯(ウ、ウサギ)、辰(タツ、龍)、巳(ミ、蛇、ヘビ)、午(ウマ、馬)、未(ヒツジ、羊)、申(サル、猿)、酉(トリ、鶏)、戌(イヌ、犬)、亥(イ、猪) in Japanese. For example, 子 represents twelve o'clock, the bearing of 辰巳 represents the bearing of south and east.
By the way, you may think why cat isn't included in Eto. There is a anecdotage about Eto. One day the race was played. It was the race by which twelve animals were chosen to Eto. It was the race which was to be able to be Eto in order of arriving to God early. Cat couldn't join the race because of being cheated by mouse. So cat seem to not be included Eto. The anecdotage says cat catch up mouses because of being angry at being cheated by mouse. And the reason why mouse could arrive to God most earliest is because mouse rode on crummie's head until the goal and mouse took a leap from crummie's head at the last goal. Mouse is very smart or foxy, isn't it?