I was very surprised at American police violence for students.

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Nov 22, 2011 00:51 America police violence students
I was very surprised to watch videos that American unarmed and nonresistance students of the university of California were sprayed irritating materials by the police. I had thought that America most valued Human rights. But my thought seem to be a little wrong. I often hear American police violence for African-American, but this time is unarmed and nonresistance students. Even in Japan if such things occur, it will become a big problem.
This thing reported even in Japan. The students were bawling "Shame on you!". It is 「恥を知れ!」 in Japanese. But the police didn't seem to mind their crying. Why does the police think that their action may be a big problem, if people watch the videos. Now does it become a big problem in America? What do American think about this thing? What do you think about this thing? Please tell me.