My Life As A Writer 3 (Natume Souseki)

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Aug 31, 2019 00:10 author life
I don't want to sell my writings, if possible. When we sell our writings, we become a little greedy, and think involuntary that we seek and win popularity. Our personality and a grade of books tend to be mean a little. As ideal, it is best that I publish books privately and share them free of charge with people who want them, but I can't do that because I am poor.

Even I am a little interested in food, clothing and housing. Though I think sometimes that I want to wear nice clothes, eat tasty food, and a nice house, I accept my present situation because of my poor financial condition. I like nice clothes. I don't think that I dare to follow the fashion and dress up because of getting old, I just wear clothes that my wife chose without complaining, but when I saw women wearing nice kimono, I think it is nice.