Enka(演歌), a male singer and an American singer

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Nov 13, 2011 00:50 Japan Enka 演歌 Jero
I introduced a female Enka singer at a previous entry. Let me introduce a male Enka singer and an American Enka singer to you. One is Yamamoto Jyouji(山本譲二). He is a famous Japanese Enka singer. I like a his Enka song 「みちのく一人旅(mitinokuhitoritabi)」. This song is sung about a loved woman. Another one is Jero. He is a first-ever non-Japanese Enka singer. He was born of African-American parents on 1981 and grew up in Pittsburgh. Jero has a quater Japanese lineage because his grandmother on the mother's side is Japanese. He has listened to Enka since his childhood under his grandmothers' influence, so he likes Enka and singing Enka.
He went on to Pittsburgh University and made a special study of infotech and he studied in Japan for three month. He decided to become a Enka singer during studying in Japan. He came back Japan in 2003 after graduating from the university, and he entryed Japanese song contests while working as English conversation teacher or computer engineer. After that, he was recruited by a Japanese major music company to be appraised his singing. His dream came true. He sings Enka very well like Japanese and he is very unique Enka singer not only non-Japanese but another point. The point is that he is hip-hop dancer. Hip-hop and Enka are very different, aren't they? He sings Enka hip-hop style. It is very interesting.

Please listen to these songs.

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