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Aug 22, 2011 21:23
About 10 days later, a new semester would be started. So I'm planning what to do on that period.
First I'm gonna practice guitar. Because I'm interested in play guitar and involved in Band at my Univ. The band will perform at a nice club in seoul. To be a great guitarist, I have to invest a lot of time.
Second I want to get scholarship again. To achieve this plan, I should live in Main library in my Univ on every weekend.
The Third is making a lot of acquaintances. Despite my inner personality, I want to make them. I wish.
Forth, the last, finding my love^^. After I missed my first girlfriend, I gained a lot of information between a boy and a girl. So I want to do more beautiful and mature love.

All that I planned are very hard things. At last semester I achieved all except one(do A hard part-time job). So I think I can do all these things in this time.
To do all these things I'll be more ambitious.