The customs of Chinese New Year

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Jan 28, 2011 16:16 NewYear custom
Next week will be the Chinese New Year,so I want to introduce some customs of Chinese New Year.

The eve of new year:We will paste the"Spring Festival couplets" at door.
And after the dinner of this day,children will receive the "red envelope"with cash.
It's also the happiest time of children.
Because they can play until midnight,the more time they play,presents their parents will live longer.

The first day of new year:People will visit their relatives and friends,say "good words"to congratulate each other.

The second day of new year:It's a day for married women to go back their(her) home.

I would like to share the happiness to everybody,and hope everybody could tell me
what situation is in your country when New Year or Christmas.

Thank you for watching this!