Share some sha-re(しゃれ,means joke): )

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Jul 28, 2011 12:03
Hello everybody!How's going on today?
As title,I wanna share some sha-re with you.(haha!)

1.The world in my brain

There are two parts in my brain: the left and the right.
But the left brain has nothing right, and the right brain has nothing left.


Let me explain first, the word 'T.G.I.F' is the omission of
"Thank God It's Friday."

One day, a handsome boy met a young pretty girl on the bus.
You know, pretty girls always attract the attention of boys.

The boy tried to talk with her, so he whispered the shortened form 'T.G.I.F' to the sweet girl.

Surprisingly, the sweet girl answered him quickly
as the same shortened form of 'S.H.I.T.' (*o*!)

The boy felt confused a little,but he thought it's because she misunderstood his meaning,so he repeated again: 'T.G.I.F.'

The sweet girl smiled, and answered 'S.H.I.T.' again. (*o* !!!)
The boy was angry, and said "Hey I meant to say 'Thank God It's Friday!'"

The sweet girl kept her smiling, and said
" I know, but I just wanna try to tell you 'Sorry Honey,It's Thursday.'"

Thanks for your reading!