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Jul 15, 2011 11:48
The other day, a female friend who has studied in Japan told me that her Japanese degenerates very much & rapidly since she came back to Taiwan.
She also said she would like to participate in the JLPT(日本語能力試験)once again to check her ability.

Even I can speak Japanese to communicate with Japanese engineers NOW, I probably can't pass the JLPT I have passed before. Why people learn foreign languages? What will influence their learning desire? I can't not choose but think the most important factor of language learning is the surrounding.

To compare the differences between different cultures which may shown in their languages is very marvelous to me. I think I'm very very lucky to work as a translator. Because I can recognize the distinctions more easily & directly.

I wish I could become more mature & seemly from comparing cultures!

This article seems to be a little seroius,isn't it? :)
Thanks for your reading!!