Almost get into a Street fight

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Sep 24, 2018 23:18
I was going to the gym by bus yesterday(Taking public transport is even faster than driving by yourself in China).

It seems that the bus driver has to switch theri shift in the middle of the way to the destination. It rarely happen I believe but it did happened somehow on the bus I took.

It took nearly 15 min untill the the next bus driver showed up letting the passenger on the whole bus waiting for him duiring which. What angers me the most was the attitude of the late bus driver slowly walking towards the bus with a bottle of heard it...tea.....

After few passenger complained him being late, I asked him “Do you feel you own us an appology?” To my surprise he not only do not feel sorry but gave me a bad look. With this look and very unpleasant 15min of waiting, I called his company and report immediately in front of his face. Then things get escalte when he cruzed me of bad language for doing so.

I calmly asked him: Do not use your mouth, let’s get off the bus and use our fist and if you don’t, shut the FXXk up! (While you are confident enough to win the fight, offering one is the most effective way to avoid it. I am confident that I could drop him while anticipating he dare not fight me.) Anyway, he was intentionally driving very slowly in retaliate and it tooks one hour for 40min drive. That left me no choice but report him again of his disgusting retaliation letting the whole bus of passenger pay for his mistake.

This is what I dislike about my countury, people do not appologise and even admit of their mistake. Like him, if he could easily say sorry than taking risk losing his job on this. (I will do my best to make it happen)
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