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Testimonials from friends

One of the best parts about writing a post here is that I can usually get a nice, thorough correction from Tali. Apparently, plenty of other people have the same experience. :)
טלי is stunningly kind and helpful. She is extremely knowledgeable, has a knack for language in general, and is tirelessly committed to helping with Hebrew posts. She is also very affable. I am so inspired by her selfless example that I've become active "giving back" in English (to others--she doesn't even post much). She's the type of person that makes Lang8 amazing! Thank you, טלי!
I move we nominate Tali for the gold medal "For selfless and tireless efforts in the interests of the propagation of Hebrew". If there isn't such a medal, there should be. And when there is one, Tali should get it.

when i first posted on this site, i didn't think that i would find real help with my hebrew, but then i found טלי. She is soooo helpful and encouraging. And believe me, sometimes i could get really annoying asking multiple times on the same issue until i get it, yet she has never complained nor given me a brief answer when she could give details. I guess i'm so lucky. I really appreciate your efforts טלי
טלי has been one of the most helpful people to me in my pursuit of learning the Hebrew language. She's always been ready to help me with my Hebrew.
How I'm glad to have met her here on this site! Tali is an amazing woman, and a really good friend too. It is always good to talk to her, and I'm sure if I dare to learn Hebrew one day, she would help me. She is always willing to learn more, and I appreciate all her effort. Thank you for being such a nice person Tali, you're really special for me!