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Nov 14, 2014 22:31
After my first VS entry comes the second!
Sadly no one gave me ideas for more pairs, but I came to think of few more by myself : )

So, let's start!:

לחיות vs לגור
In English both translated into "to live" (although I found the wrod "to dwell", but I'm not sure if it's the same as לגור).
לחיות - lichyot - to live ("life")
for example:
הוא *חי במאה ה-20 - hu chay ba me'a ha esrim = he lived in the 20th century
כולם רוצים לחיות - kulam rotsim lichyot = everybody wants to live
* חי can be both present or past:
הוא חי במאה ה-21 = he lives in the 21st century
לגור - lagur - to live (in the meaning of living in a place)
for example:
אני גר ברחוב הזה - ani gar ba rechov haze = I live in this street
אני רוצה לגור בדירה גדולה - ani rotsa lagur be dira gdola = I want to live in a big apartment

לנגן vs. לשחק
In English both translated into "to play"
לשחק - lesachek - to play in a movie\a play\a game
for example:
הוא משחק בהרבה סרטים - hu mesachek be harbe sratim = he plays in many films
אני אוהבת לשחק כדורגל - ani ohevet lesachek kaduregel = I love playing soccer
לנגן - lenagen = to play music
אני יודע לנגן *בפסנתר = ani yode'a lenagen be psanter = I know to play piano
בקונצרט הנגנים מנגנים מוזיקה קלאסית - ba kontsert ha naganim menagnim muzika klasit = in the concert the players play classic music
* when speaking of playing instrument it's: לנגן ב, as -
לנגן בפסנתר, לנגן בכינור, לנגן בחליל and et cetera

לעוף vs. לטוס
In English both translated into "to fly"
לעוף - la'uf = to fly
for example:
הציפורים עפות בשמיים - ha tsiporim afot ba shama'im - the birds fly in the sky
סופרמן הוא גיבור-על שיכול לעוף - supermen hu gibor-al she yachol la'uf - superman is a super-hero who can fly
לטוס - latus = to fly in a device (like airplane)
היא עומדת לטוס לגרמניה בשבוע הבא - hi omedet latus le germanya be shavu'a haba = sh'es about to fly to Germany next week
המטוס טס במשך חמש שעות - ha matos tas bemeshech chamesh sha'ot = the airplane flew for 5 hours

notice: some words have colloquial\slang meanings that I didn't mention here, for example:
אל תשחק את עצמך (literal: don't play yourself) = don't pretend
הוא עף על עצמו (literal: he flies on himself) = he boasts
אני חייב לעוף\לטוס (literal: I have to fly) = I've got to go
אתה חי בסרט (literal: you live in a movie) = you're disconnected from reality

Ok, I hope everything is clear and if not, feel free to ask.

Have a good weekend : )