Rainy Days And Mondays

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Nov 24, 2008 23:10
Today, as soon as I got up, I went to the bank, where I withdrew much money from to pay the tuition.

After that, I went to college and took the class of French and the cultural anthropology.
In the French class, we have to take a quiz every week.
Though I'm poor at hearing French language, I took a perfect score.

In the Cultural Anthropology, I use a laptop computer to take notes of the lecture.
Laptop computer is of great use.
However, the lecture is so boring.

Going out, I noticed that it rained though I didn't have an umbrella.
I went home with protecting my pc from rain.

I like rain in holiday but I don't like it in weekday.
It is raining still now.
I hope it is fine tomorrow.