Studying abroad

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Apr 9, 2012 03:20
More and more young Polish decide to get off from Poland to United Kingdom to study abroad. They abandon their families, who are often coerced to pay for their expensive studies. Nevertheless, before we face that studies abroad are not worthwile, we should take a rain check on many accompanied advantages.
It is generally thought that many high schools in UK are more reputed and more respected, for instance University of Cambridge or University of Oxford. These academies are more popular and much better than academies in Poland. Moreover, living in UK what accompanied studies there would help young people in introducing other cultures and new people.
One argument against studies abroad sounds shortly: language. English in UK and English which we learn at school differs significantly. Many people who know English cannot speak with Englishmen due to their British accent. Initially it is difficult to get used to that. An additional drawback is abandonment family and friends. Deciding to studies abroad we have to accept with stymied contact with them. Very often big costs are connected with studies abroad and our families are supposed to pay.
To sum up, studies in UK are associated with many self-sacrifices, but for sure studying at reputed university is worthwhile and thanks for it, we can gain many advisable benefits.