Why it is good to be a child of famous parents?

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Apr 2, 2012 03:42
Have you ever dreamt about being a child of famous and rich parents? However, this situation has a lot of advantages, nevertheless there are obviously some drawbacks of this position.
The most important advantage of being child of famous parents is that you are famous too. You do not need to strive to be noticed, because of your parents people know you too.
It is often believed that famous people are rich people. If your parents are rich, you are rich too. You can get a lot of money from them if you want, because they want to compensate you their absence at home.
Moreover, as a child of famous parents you surely travel with them. People, who are famous travel a lot to many interesting countries and places. Thanks to them, you go holidays every year. Not everyone can afford it.
On the other hand, children of famous parents practically do not have normal childhood as common kids. Their parents are often busy, they attend a lot of meetings and do not have time to bring up children. They join them to many different activities to fill their free time in, being under an illusion that they can compensate their children their absence.
To conclusion, it is good to be a famous child of famous parents, there are obviously many advantages. However, we need to remember that being an ‘uncommon’ child is not as marvellous as it is usually believed.