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Feb 15, 2012 05:22 cartoon essay character description
This is my English essay about my favourite cartoon character. If you can correct it, I'll be grateful! :)

When I was ten, I used to watch a cartoon titledThe Inspector Gadget’. The main character of this cartoon is titular Inspector Gadget who is a detective. I admired his adventures, I watched this cartoon every day after school.
Inspector Gadget is a very unusual detective, even he doesn’t look like thathe is half-human-half-robot. He is packed with electronics, so his flesh can do everything, for instance, when he says: ‘Go, go Gadget’s arms’ his arms elongate and he’s able to reach something he wants. When he thinks, a bubble light emerges from his hat.
As it was said, he is a detective. He unravels many conundrums with her niece Penny and his dog. His intelligence allows him to unravel very tricky secrets. Electronics inside his body permits him to do everything he wants, more than human’s body permits. He’s very attentive for his niece, he’s definitely brave. However, he is a bit forgetful and absent-minded. He continually forgets about something, what puts him to trouble all the time.
Inspector Gadget was my authority when I was younger. His courage impressed me, I wanted to be like he, I dreamed about being a detective. His adventures inspired me - I used to play ‘detectives’ with my coevals, what made me happy.

Thank you! :)