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May 6, 2009 04:44
When I begun to learn Korean, I wanted to know about the musical culture, so I listen some songs and some drama's ost.
One day, 저는 촣아는 노래를 들었어요. 몇가수는 이 노래를 노래했어요. 저는 이 가수들을 듣고 있었어요. 현세 저는 이 가수들 중어서 제 촣아는 가수를 찾아내고있었어요.
Un jour, j'écoutais une chanson que j'aimais. Plusieurs chanteurs chantaient cette chanson. A ce moment, parmi les chanteurs, j'ai trouvé mon chanteur préféré.
One day I was listening a song I liked. Several singers have sing this song, ( I was listening the same song by different singers.) At this very moment, among the singers, I founded my favorite singer..

어떤 이유로 그 가수 촣아애요
pourquoi j'apprécie ce chanteur ( quelques unes des raisons)
why do I appreciate this singer ( some of the reasons )

1 ) 그의 목소리는 밝이예요
sa voix est claire, he has a bright voice

2 ) 비브라토는 naturel이예요
ses vibratos sont naturels, his vibratos are natural

3 ) il passe de voix de gorge en voix de tête sans effort
he can sing in head voice easily

4 ) 감수성이 가수가 이예요. 저는 안 노래를 들었어요. 비록 이애하지 않았어요, 눈물이 왔어요.
il est sensible, j'ai écouté une chanson et bien que je ne comprenne pas les larmes sont venues. Quand j'ai commencé à traduire j'ai compris pourquoi, elle était triste à mourir. He his sensitive, I listen a song, and even if I didn't understand the tears came. I understand why when I was translating, this song was so sad...

5 ) 그의 개성이 아름답아요
il a une belle personalité, he has a beautiful personality

6 ) 저는 그의 노래를 노래해요. 그의 tessiture 저애게 촣아애요
je peux chanter ses chansons, sa tessiture me convient. I can sing his songs, his range is almost the same as mine.

7) Il peut chanter tous les genres de chansons et a à son repertoire des titres et des reprises de styles complètement différrents.Je l'ai fait écouter à toute la famille, et tout le monde l'apprécie. He can sing all kind of songs, and he has in his repertoire songs and covers of all style. My family listen him singing and every one like him.

I didn't want to translate the songs because I was afraid to be disapointed or bored by the lyrics (as almost all of the time with the translation ) , but as I was able to listen all day long, I decided to try to learn new words and expressions while listening.
Unfortunatly most of the time he sings in japanese. I bought lot of his CD because I want to hear his progress. It's very interesting. He does a good job with his talent. I know that it's not his only job and that he has other professionnal activities, but I think that he is best ( better) when he sings. I'm a fan of .... 김 정 훈 ^^
So now he went for 2 years on the army...
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