my daughter is growing

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Apr 15, 2009 03:54
Today, after school, because tomorrow there is no classAlicia invited her friend Emilie to play and eat at home .
They were playing in the garden and as usual there were toys everywhere. Alicia has a lot of imagination, so she uses everything she
sees which can be helpfull for her games.
The weather was very mild so at seven thirty post meridiem, I was preparing the dinner, and called her to come back home. I was prepared to hear her saying, " wait" or " no I want to play, it's not almost the night' or something like that. But she didn't^^ She said : ' wait, I will tidy up the garden ' It was amazing because I always have to put away the things she uses with or without her help and today she decided to do it by herself.
I was very proud ^^
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