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Apr 9, 2009 20:17
Yesterday was my last training day

Because of the merger of our agency with a private agency, I had to go three days in training. I was anxious because we were supposed to make a lot of calculation and I 'm not good with the mathematics.
But every thing was alright

Wednesday I usualy do not work, but yesterday I had to go in training so I let my daugher to the day care center. I was told tuesday morning that the kids will go cycling. Alicia had an old bycicle, and for christmas my mother gave her money to buy a new one. We didn't buy it yet, and when i heard tuesday that she will go cycling, after picking her we went to buy a new one, very nice, pink, with a bag for her baby, exactly the one she wanted.
Wednesday morning, we brought the bycicle, and I left her thinking that she will have a very nice day, but also a little anxious because she will go with the other children in the country, and hoping nothing bad will happen.
The evening when I went to keep her at the day care center, she told me that she didn't go cycling, because her bycicle was too little! ( she was the youngest of the group, so they thought that she will not be able to follow the other kids )
amazing! she had a bycicle for her size! they should have think about that seeing her! she is not tall for her age.....