speak up? shunt up?

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Mar 11, 2011 18:51 speak up shunt up Slient active
I tried to write a examational topic, but I discover my writing was digressed.
However, It is a interesting topic.

'Slient is golden' Whatever you are, it is the common sense rooted in our mind. Ironically, in my experence, being slient always guide me to failure. Sometime slient can equal to non-active. If you had a job, non-active could let you lose the job immediately.

How about active? Too active also lend to horrible problems. There is a Chinese motto,'You said ten words, even nine out ten are right, no one will pound with you. If there are any word wrong, you will be criticized by thousands readers. In a short story, which mean the more you say, the more mistakes you have, and the more criticisms are. However, we cannot deny that communication is essential and consequent to our human society.