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Hi everyone, My name is Kan. Nice to meet you. I love studying Japanese, Chinese and English. I'm vietnamese, but i can speak English. If you want to practice speaking English or Vietnamese with me, feel free to contact me. My favourite is sports, movies, music, travelling....
I love to communicate with people around the world ^^ .

This is how i study English. I hope it will be useful for you.

The most important thing when I study english is PRONUNCIATION. Because when you read the word correctly, you can understand what the native speaker wants to convey to you, and vice versa when you speak english correctly, the native speaker can understand what you mean. As a result, you have more motivation for studying english.

How to pronounce the word correctly:

1. I mostly use OXFORD dictionary, I rarely use english-vietnamese dictionary. Because OXFORD dictionary helps me read new words correctly and how to use them in the conversation with specific examples:
For example:
You have to know how to read /ˈriːzn/ correctly. Remember the STRESS. Because different stress creates different meaning. For example, the word desert/ˈdezət/ that has the first stress is different from dessert /dɪˈzɜːt/ that has the second stress
Or perfect /ˈpɜːfɪkt/ which has the first stress is adjective , while perfect /pəˈfekt/ which has the second stress is a verb

You have to differentiate clearly
The sound ð in THIS /ðiːz/ and the sound d in DADDY /ˈdædi/
The sound i in IS /ɪz/ and the sound i: in EAT /iːt/
FOOD /fuːd/ is different from FOOT /fʊt/ because uː is different from ʊ , but many people read it the same.
And so on, there are a lot of different sounds that many people read in the same way. I will give you some videos that can help you to learn how to pronounce correctly


2. Imitate the native speakers. You can spend 10-15 minutes a day to listen and repeat the news in english in some website like:



I recommend you to listen to this ted talk:

Or you can use this website to judge your voice:

Try to listen a lot no matter you understand it or not. That will help you speak fluently. Remember to lower your voice when speaking english
3. Reading
You can spend 5 to 10 minutes a day to read some interesting news on BBC, CNN or any english magazines that you like.
Whiling reading, try to notice how they use the words in the sentences, so that you can write english well.

4. If you have some problem with grammar, don’t worry, there are a lot of free books on the Internet that can help you
Don’t worry too much about grammar, because when you learn and read a lot of news in english, then you can remember all of these.

And Listening
Practicing listening is like practicing speaking partly
It’s interesting part. Listen to everything you like. There is no limit. You can watch Television or browse the websites on the Internet: English movies, National geographic, How do they make, Discovery,…. If you want to listen to news with caption, choose VOA english, Ted talk ( you open the interactive transcript), or Oxford , and so on.

OXFORD website:






OR if you are so busy, you can take 10 minutes a day to listen to the radio. I usually listen to the radio:

Don’t get stressed when you listen to English, even you don’t understand. Because it’s the most exciting part of learning english. If you practice it day to day, you will get better. To be better at listening, I have some advice for you

1. You have to read the words correctly, so that you can listen easily.

2. Try to get the key words in the whole paragraph or the conversation. And GUESS the meaning. If there is something you don’t know, read the transcript and listen again.

3. If you are interesed in some sentences, LEARN IT BY HEART, so that you can be good at speaking. Repeat a little bit what you have listened.

4. Listening, speaking, reading, writing skills are related to each other. So, don’t separate them when you study English.

When you practice speaking means that you also practice listening. And while you listen and try to repeat, that will form the way you use the english phrases in your mind. Then, you can know how to write simple sentences.

5. Another advice of studying English: That is when I study English, I usually think in English instead of Vietnamese, then I mumble, describe what I’m doing (nobody knows) . So that my English will be better

Do you want to get Toeic, Ielts, Cambridges books,…? They have a lot of listening, writing, reading exercises, because i have a lot of links on the Internet and they are all free. You can search them on Google too. If you don’t , just be relaxed and listen what you like, learn English in the easiest way.

About writing skill, if you want to be more professional, you have to learn from books. They are all available on the Internet without charging money. You should choose Oxford, Longman books,…

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