I happened to meet a young tourist from Switzerland last Sunday on ...

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Aug 29, 2019 18:29
I happened to meet a young tourist from Switzerland last Sunday on the ferry while returning to İstanbul from the Island. During the short trip, he shared his ideas about Turkey and seemed to be a little supercilious about how Atatürk who has been considered a founder of the Turkish Republic is a matter of heroism, or how Turkish people are not allowed to criticize Turkish President Erdogan, or how so many buildings have been allowed to be constructed in Istanbul.
Although I agree with some of his ideas, I still found him judgmental.

I think when we are abroad, the first things which catch our attention are the differences in the country which we are visiting, the differences which we admire or which we don't like.
It could be worthy to contemplate about why we don't like some differences. Or maybe it would be useful to contemplate why human societies live different lives, why for example there are undemocratic systems, undeveloped countries, what part our society has in it for that kind of systems to keep their existence, or can we really safe in our wealthy democratic societies while the other parts of the world are on fire like Amazon forests or the Middle East .

As we live in such an immense connected world, and as we are open to every effect of what has been happening anywhere, I don't think it saves us our responsibilities, accusing of undemocratic leaders or of something else.
Why fascism exactly still keep its existence, causing forest fires, wars and threatening our lives in our wealthy super democratic countries, too.
unless stop being supercilious and try to understand how we have responsibilities in the world which we built together as all of humanity, can we really create a world we can keep living it