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May 16, 2019 15:57
I tried 60 km ultramarathon.
A ultramarathon means more than 42 km marathon.
It was my first experience to join it.
Until I started to run, I was not sure I would be able to goal.
I made up my mind to walk on 上り坂 and to run on 下り坂 or flat road so as not to be tired.
It was harder than I thought and I was too tired to run even on the flat road.
Generally there are some aid between about every 5 km, which give water and food to help runner
I have joined a lot of marathon competition until now on, the aid of it was very 充実.
There was not only candy or banana but also noodle, ゼリー, おにぎり.
I feel so gratitude to their kindness.
Actually I happened to see some volunteers cooking food on the kitchen and then I was moved.
Thanks to a lot of peoples help, I could finally achieve the goal.
After the goal I was very satisfied and the feeling was stronger than tiering.
That’s why just after getting home I register the next marathon which will be held on 山岳地域 in next month
It is what we call trail marathon.
That’s my next challenging.
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