My last holiday

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Jan 18, 2017 17:12
I went to Crimea last August with my friend and my brother. We traveled by car around this Peninsula for two weeks. We stayed in the tent, camping or hotel in different places. We walked in the mountains, enjoed nature, saw the famous places and tasted lokal wines and fruit. We took a lot of photos. I really liked Savastopol and the Black Sea. We ate fresh fish a lot in Balaklava district and visited the Inkerman winery and the Golitsyn winery. We bougth many bottles of wine and champagne.
It was a great time. Crimea is full of history and has a beautiful sea, taste fruit and wines and wonderful nature. But we have many problems: it was very hot, in cities and public beaches there were a lot of people, hotels in Yalta were very expensive, there were a few petrol stations and shops, in small towns people were wild.