I got 3 ticks today.

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May 19, 2017 08:39
Before I came to America, I've never seen a tick before. A few days ago, a classmate of mine showed me a tick when we were out on a hike. This morning we went for a short hike. While I was walking, I felt something on my belly button, then I quickly removed it with my hands and threw it away, it was a tick. In the third period of the class, I suddenly felt something on my neck. Again, I removed the tick with my hand. A few minutes later, I found another tick on my ankle.
When I got home, I searched the internet, and it showed that I should use tweezers to remove a tick instead of my hands. I also checked the information about tick-borne diseases. Now I think I have a high possibility of getting diseases.
Folks, I have to tell you that you may never see me again on Lang-8, because I might be dead in a few weeks. I think I should say goodbye and thanks to everyone, before it is too late. Thank you for reading my boring journals and helping with my grammar! I had fun on this website and met many interesting people, I also learned a lot. Goodbye!