A friend deletes me just because I found a girlfriend!

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Apr 7, 2017 10:43
It's been several weeks since I wrote my last journal. Not many people will read what I write, but I still write what I like to write.
A week ago I was still single, but I got a girlfriend a few days before. It feels really good to have a girlfriend. I'm full of energy, and I've become happier, more active, and more optimistic. To be honest, I never thought that being in a relationship would have so many advantages.
However, something bad also happened, and I'm so upset about it. There was this girl who liked me, and we chat a lot. Last year, she told me that she liked me, but I refused her. Then I thought we were just like good friends and we kept our friendship.
Last week, I met a girl on the internet. We had a really nice conversation. Then we got into a relationship very quickly. I couldn't even believe that I'm dating a girl!
I told the other girl about it, which was proved a terrible decision later. That girl became jealous, then she deleted me from QQ(a social app similar to FB) and said she won't talk to me anymore. I begged her like a thousand times to continue our friendship. No matter what I say to her, she won't listen. And now I lost a good friend.
I'm confused. A friend deletes me because I found a girlfriend!
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