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May 22, 2017 03:46
I did not have a totally idea what to write :). I think I should wait for a moment and maybe some good idea will appear. Now I have to go to the store to buy energy drink, because soon will be a football game on TV. And I am going to watch this game :). My favorite team is at the top of the football league tabloids, is fighting for the champion and I believe that they will win all matches until the end of the season.

Unfortunately the football match was rather weak and good only for connoisseurs. A typical "fight game"(?) in which both teams play aggressively and fight for every millimeter on the field. The players looked more for defensive, not wanting to attack the other team much, and mostly wanted to avoid their mistakes, not lose the game and their chances of winning the league. The match ended in a draw. For this reason, it was rather a dull and not very exciting end of the weekend.

By the way, I mention that I lost the bookmaker/sportsbook. Because I bet the result of the match and put a few złoty (Polish currency) for the victory of my team :).

Thanks for reading and for your corrections!