The end of the week

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May 29, 2017 04:18
The day I started intensely. After I got up and ate breakfast I ran close to 5.5 km. Since then my leg muscles have been aching a little and I feel tired. Standing in the queue at the store, I wished a courageous decision to go to the supermarket :)). I wore sunglasses in the shop and could not have read the fatigue from my eyes :). In the interview with the cashier, of course I was a little bit grumbled about fatigue. In response, I heard that she slept only two hours in the night, so I admitted that she may actually feel tired and probably worse;).

The weather is beautiful today! The sun shines and it is warm. At 18 I will be watching one of the two most important matches of the season. It is a pity that most of the friends have recently gotten married, have little children, because the weather is perfect for doing a nice barbeque! Of course, a nice barbecue combined with watching the match.

I still have to go to the car and pull out a memory card. I have not recently updated music files, and have found some new songs that I like and I have to record on a memory card.
When I visited the service last time, the mechanic thoroughly cleaned the car and washed it from the outside after finishing work. From the moment of thorough washing of the car, it is nice to get on the shiny one :)!

Thanks for reading and for your corrections!