Mowing the grass

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May 20, 2017 23:05
There was nice weather in the morning and I was planning on mowing the grass. Unfortunately the weather has changed, now it is cloudy and it started raining. So I had to put down mowing the grass for one of the following days.
During the week when we have to go to work, the weather is beautiful but when the weekend is coming, most often the weather breaks down. I hate this kind of recurring situation!

I got up early today and as always, whenever possible, on Saturday I try to catch up on the whole week. I have already added some of the pluses near the previously scheduled and completed tasks that are in my notebook (calendar) :). I do not have so many things to do and I think that all tasks should be completed successfully. Of course, besides mowing the grass, which I had planned for today.

I have bought front seat covers for my car. I did not plan on spending at all, but I'm glad I bought them at a good price and they are exactly what I wanted. The type of car cover is a "t-shirt" so that they do not cover the whole surface of the seat. They are claret-coloured (the seats are gray, so the whole composition fits nicely and looks great).

Soon I will go for a jog and only one thing to do will be before me, to calmly close the full list of duties in my notebook.
I had more desire and fun today of using the passive voice;).

Thanks for reading and for your corrections!
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