A practice: Asking for and giving advice.

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Jun 28, 2017 02:18
A: These days, I'm gaining on weight. Especially, I feel like that my thigh got bigger that before.
A: 最近、太ってる。特に、太ももが前より太くなった。

B: Why don't you exercise like running, swimming or something like that?
B: 走ったり、泳いだり、そんな感じの運動すれば?

A: You're right. In addition, I eat chocolates too much because I have a sweet tooth. I think it is the worst habit for my health.
A: そうね。しかも、甘党やから、チョコレート食べ過ぎ。それが一番健康に悪い習慣だと思う。

B: Maybe you could eat fruits instead of chocolate. You should stop eating chocolate too much. You think that you are serious about losing weight, don't you?
B: チョコレートの代わりにフルーツを食べたらいいよ。チョコレートをたくさん食べるのはやめるべき。本気で体重減らしたいと思ってる?

A: Yes, I do. But, I don't like fruits so much.
A: Anyway, thank you for all your advice. I'll try them.
A: 思ってるよ。でも、フルーツあんまり好きじゃない。