Why Is It Important to Learn English?

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Dec 18, 2016 02:58
Why Is It Important to Learn English?

You asked a great question. Last time I created a whole PDF, just to answer this question. Here is a very short summary of this PDF.

1) Get your dream job. When you speak English, you look like gold in the eyes of French hirers. It's the same thing for English hirers as you speak both French and English.

2) Access great education. The best universities of the world are English universities.

3) Access great information. The best resources in all fields are in English.

4) Travel easily. It's the only language that is spoken everywhere.

5) Develop your brain. Learning a new language allow you to memorize better, to solve problems better and to become more creative.

Let us stop here, I can't say all the benefits in a message.

"English is on its way to becoming the world's universal language for the better or for worse." John McWorther