One of my Chinese friends came to my university.

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Jun 30, 2018 11:21
One of my Chinese friends came to my university. She took one of her friends who is from Xinjiang, so we ate lunch together and introduced my campus. But actually, I’m not familiar with my university because I take classes only in two buildings. There were many unfamiliar buildings, so when I went to the university’s museum, I also learned about our university. The guide in the museum spoke Chinese, so I couldn’t understand most of the part. When one of my friends noticed that fact, she asked the guide to speak English and he taught me about my university in English! That was very helpful! After teaching me, he and I talked a little. He knew my home university. I was glad to hear that. When we said goodbye, Xinjian girl said that our personalities were very similar and we had good chemistry, so we could get along with each other. Maybe this was the last time to see her because I’m going to go back to Japan next week, but I want to meet her again!
After we said goodbye, I went to another place, but I will write this topic in another diary because this diary is very long.
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