Hey guys!

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Jan 13, 2018 07:41
Hey guys!

Here is my silly story for today.


Mike felt her life was devoid of any meaning, to be candid, he was too meek.

Since his family died and after long period mourning, he had lived in wretched conditions. He spanned three years hiding his emotions, accustomed to talk with people who deceived him, and stubborn enough to don't stunt the way the sitiation was.

Life isn't fear, but sometimes a toggle can be turn on into people minds. A past event related with Mike ushered him to discern what was wrong in his life. suddenly, he stopped shuddering and moping and started to exert himself. Everything thanks to her, an old lady called Amanda. She always excelled everybody's expectations. She cuddled Mike, and awaken on him a nascent acttitude. In other words, Amanda made Mike glitter.