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Nov 14, 2016 22:22
Firstly I'd like to introduce myself to you.My name is Xie Tingting.And my English name is lotus,maybe you think it's a little strange to be called as a flower.As you know,lotus is a flower who grows in the mud.The ticker and deeper the mud is,the more beautiful the lotus flower blossom.I really admire her and was deepy attracted by her enchantments.I want to be a person who grows against adversity.I know I will face with the real mud---the obstacles of my life.If I feel lost,disappointed,hesitant or weak,return to myself and find out who I am, and struggle through all of the difficulties,just like the lotus flower in full bloom,even in the muddy water.
Then I want to tell you something about my study. I majored in economic and trade English from Hubei university of economics.Four years' hard working arms me with specialized knowledge.I have passed CET-4,CET-6 and TEM-4 with a ease,now I have mastered the basic English skills:listening,speaking,reading,writing and translation.I am also very interested in French et I have been teaching myself about half of year.I had already taken a french exam named DELF B1,just like IELTS or TOFEL..
What's more, I like writing and dancing. During my college life, I joined in the college student's press crop,where I became more brave,outgoing and more confident by taking part in all kinds of activities.I met with various of people and communicate with them.So I made many friends both in and outside campus.I also joined in the dance club.I spared no efforts to train myself.Because I had never danced before, I have had to spend more time and studied harder to catch up with others.
I also developed myself in all round way. I worked as a saleswoman in Dell Computer Co.Ltd for one year.Not only I had a great knowledge of computers,but also I acquired some selling techniques. I also took some part-time jobs:distributing leaflets on the street,working as a waitress in a restaurant,teaching children English as a tutor...Although it is hard work,I had benefited a lot from those experiences.
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