I really enjoyed traveling for 2 weeks in Thailand.

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Oct 6, 2016 02:07
I really enjoyed traveling for 2 weeks in Thailand. I met with abstract artist , drinking and going massaging. it was really funny. As next destination i chose Laos because i wanted to go to Luang Prabang. This place is really small town but amazingly hole this town has been certified as a world Heritage site. From Thailand I rode on a board to go there directly. It took for 2 days. It was long journey. Inside the board I was surrounded by many people who fluently speak English. I can't remind that where there are from but I can creaky remind that I could not understand what they said and my mind was a little bit uncomfortable. Then I really thought I should have studied more in Japan but it was already too late. But it was no problem. there where really funny. I enjoyed having conversations with companions though I couldn't speak well. I thought there were like teachers that's why they taught english to me. I was happy to have such companions. All most all people inside the board go to same destination , Luang Prabang, and stay a few days only in addition town is relly small so we met too many time again. Many times meet as we were getting friendly. Especially a German guy is really funny. He is too talkative so his nickname is "lavatasha". This meaning is talkative person in Germane . I wanna meet again. In same town we met each other 5 times within 2 days. Actually the town was not funny but people were really good. It's my incredible memory. this word "incredible" were taught by a companion in the board. As far as I don't forget this word I remember you. Thanks you funny guys.
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