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Oct 21, 2016 05:14
1.I have visited different countries from Portugal, Greece, France to Italy. In my opinión the most beautiful is Italy because there are many interesting places as Roma or Florencia. Also I don´t forget to visit Venecia or Napoles. You can found nice landscape in Toscana. The food is delicious about all pasta and ice-cream.

2.I always prefer eating at home. The reason is because home-cooked food is more healthier and cheaper tan restaurant food. You spend a lot of time cooking with love. I sometives go out for eating at the wekend but restaurants hardly ever has variety of fruit or vegetables. This is very important in my menu.

3.Depend on the webside where you buy something. Generally there are safe websides. For example Amazong or Ebay you don´t have any problems. I believe that there are more adventage tham disadvantage. For example you can found all sizes. Also you have variety of shops. Then I would like to talk about the riske. If you don´t buy in a safe shop, you won´t recibe the product. Definitive people prefer buying in shop because they have the product in your hand. You can try on the clothes…

4.My live is very healthy. I usually go to the gym three times a week. I try eating vegetables, fruit and fish. I least eat meat and swets. In my life the most unhealthy is:
I am sitting on the chair in the morning because I spent five or six hours at university.
I sometimes eat a piece of cake. It is really bad.

5.Today technology is very important in our lives. I want the late mobile phone, computer or digital watch. I usually change my gadges each two or three years because their are very expensive and I can´t aford it. Definitive there are very useful