Tea “Ceremony”

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Feb 12, 2018 15:15
Tea ceremony associated with Japan for me, and it is because I used quotation marks in the title. I live in Kazakhstan and I heard about a custom – when a guest comes in home it is need to offer him or her tea and it is important that cap would not be full to capacity – it is an insult. Where, when and who invented the custom, it was adopted for different folks or it was convergence – I do not know, but I heard this custom has been spreading very widely in Central Asia and maybe still exist for now. I think if you consider it, you can see that it has deep sense and logic, look - friend, you are my guest, com in my home and sit down with me. I will offer tea to you, and we will seeping the tea and we will be talking. You will have told me your news and I will have told to you mine. I will pour out tea in your cup, again and again. It’s no need to hurry.
People need some observances because they help to get on with others people. Somewhere the best flattery was being kept for guests in each house. Now is other life style, other life rhythm, so, if you come into house and you be offered tea with a chipped mug or, heaven forbid, an ordinary faceted glass, filled to the brim… It maybe means nothing, maybe, there are not better flattery than that in this house (you know best – it is you who come there). But probably, it is not the right moment and you drop by without calling, in this case it can be a message, “You are not welcome. Drink and go away.”