Shōgun and an English Skipper

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Oct 26, 2018 12:35

“Shogun” is an old mini-series. The main character of the series is an English seaman castaway by the shores of Japan in 1600. Richard Chamberlain played his role and I’m too young to say something more about him except that I think ‘Chamberlain’ isn’t good name for an actor. The civil strife was going in Japan in that time and the skipper get to one of the fighting leaders. They were talking and the shogun knew that Netherland, which is the skipper served for, rebelled against its king. In the time when was no political systems except monarchy, in the country lacerated with feud, that didn’t seem good. Jesuits already set the shogun against the Protestant-skipper. The shogun said angrily, “If you rebelled against the legal ruler, you deserve death!” the skipper answered, “What if we are winning?” The shogun smiled. He was an cruel and insidious ruler, but he was a wise and in his way fair man too.