The Eldest Son

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Oct 19, 2018 19:38
(Старший сын)
If you know something about Russia and the Soviet Union, you must know names like Eugene Leonov, Nikolai Karachentsev and Michail Boyarsky. They were, maybe still are, famous Russian actors. The eldest son is a movie, which all they are starring in. Two youngsters were trapped in a little town for a night. They couldn’t go out and had no place for spend the night. Suddenly, they sow through the window a man working things out with his son. They found out the man is a musician. He had a son and a daughter. The son was falling in with the woman next door who was older him. The fellows were inventive. They thought that that was the solution for their troubles. They ringed at the door bell and one of them said, “I’m your son who you haven’t known about. Hi, dad.” He knew enough to persuade the ‘father’ that he was really his unlaw child. The guys satisfied with life now, but then something going wrong. The ‘father’ adopted his alleged ‘son’ so sincerely and his ‘sister’ was so nice. The life of the family started to absorb the ‘son’, he taken to them. This was no longer a game, an entertainment. He wanted to reveal himself, but his friend was thinking only by his stomach (and sometimes by something that is below). Well, one of them spent the rest of the night outside after all.
I think everyone knew at least one movie where young happy-go-lucky fellow mingle in a story and his aim changed before end (‘10 Things I Hate About You’ 1999 for example)