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Jun 18, 2018 20:03

It’s summertime. It’s already the middle of June. Sun scorches the land relentless, poplar fluff(fly?) are flying in the air, cumulus clouds appear in the sky – such clouds occur only in summer. They grow during a day and sometime they pour by the rain (the summer before lust was unusual vet). Sometimes a thunderstorm occur. It usually come from the West. The last Thursday’s afternoon portended a thunderstorm. Motionless air became stifling; the sky became leaden. When I exit from work, I could see strand of the rain bungled from the dark sky in the Southwest. They seemed fixed, but if you see something like this, you haven’t much time to take cover. Suddenly, the gale started. It’s got darker from dust and sand in the air. Somebody in the bus (I catch the bus) was upset for the opened windows in her home (I always close them, when I go to work). It’s got cold. The rain started. The lightning flash near and far. A thunderstorm is amazing sight (especially, if you inside). The rain wasn’t heavy, but in other places it submerged the roads.
Every 3 or 4 years it would be a superstorm with unrooted trees, snatched roofs and drowned streets. But more often it’s the revers. It starts as storm, but it stays uncharged or goes by side. It doesn’t bring neither freshness nor coolness, only distance lightning. It’s as advertising or politics’ commitments. You was promised one thing, but you get another. But you can look on the bright side. For example, the wind bring out poplar fluff. Do you know what poplar fluff is? It’s like the winter in the summer. In air fly white ‘flakes’, on the sides of the roads are white drift. It’s amazing sight, if you don’t have allergy. And if you wouldn't mind about the fluff penetrates in your eyes and mouth and in the radiator of your car, and a mischief-maker doesn’t set fluff in fire and if the fire doesn’t spread on your shed. I don’t have allergy, so I’m not complaining.
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