A Bird Accident

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Jun 2, 2019 21:30
It was in business travel. We were driving on the road in picturesque landscape. It was a nice sunny August day. The time was before noon. I was sitting on the rear seat and relish by the journey. Suddenly we begun stopping. What happened? I’d been lost in thought and didn’t understand what was going on. Guys went out from car and gazed at the radiator grill. I came up to them and saw a few dead sparrows sticking in the grill. We smashed into the sparrow flock. There were tracks of blood, petty feather on the grill and several tracks on the bonnet and the windshield where the smashed birds wiped off the dust. You probably saw sparrows or similar birds and probably could see how they fly ducking down and up low above the ground, but why do the birds decide across the road so low and exactly before the running car? Such birds must be able to asses speed and distance. What made them make such a mistake? Maybe there was a hawk or an electromagnetic storm? I don’t know. I don’t know how many birds were there and how many of them died, but the guys who sitting at the front and weren’t daydreaming like me said that the bump when the birds smashed into the car was pretty perceptible