It’s Bad Mood Again

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Feb 19, 2018 16:39
Once I was walking to school, when I was fifteen, I met three man. They said, “Give us 3 rubles. If you don’t, then we’ll take all you have. What should I have said? What would you do? The experience shows that there isn’t any difference. They are taking all your money whatever you do. Did I have a harsh childhood? I think it isn’t worse any others. Don’t worry about me, consider it’s a metaphor. 3 Soviet rubles - it was the good money sometimes. If your nose wasn’t broken in fifteen, it could be broken in forty. If you stayed putting your hand down, don’t complain now, there isn’t anybody, who takes pity on you. Whether in Iraq was the chemical weapon, or wasn’t – is there somebody whom it concern? Is Russian athletes more “dirty” than others are? Well, autopsy will confirm. Do you still believe that there is fair play in the world?