Vasisualy Lokhankin and Ostap Bender

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Mar 6, 2018 19:13

Some of my favorite books of my adolescence were “The 12 Chairs” and “The Golden Calf” by Ilf and Petrov. The books gave very many catch phrase that phrase ( The protagonist of both books is Ostap Bender. He is a cheater, but he is incredibly charismatic person. As protagonist, he is more appropriate to the modern time than the Soviet period – he dislike working, he like money and he wants to immigrate. He knows 101 relatively honest way taking away money from people – it mean he doesn’t come down to a robbery or steal. All he wants found a person who has enough money and take it from him, but without any violence. However, Ostap is a charming person and he has real virtues – he is deedful (active?), he is seeking, he is never depressed. It is Ostap who says the most part of the aphorisms in the books, for example, he said, “Religion opium for people”, no, wait, it isn’t he, it said Karl Marx… Never mind.
Vasisualy Lokhankin appears in three chapter of “The Golden Calf”. He hasn’t any sin because he does nothing. He consider himself as an intelligent, but he doesn’t work, he live at the expense of his wife (she works). He loves to reflect and his favorite topic for thinking is, “Vasisualy Lokhankin and his role in Russian Revolution”. He lives not bad, but suddenly his wife decides leave him. He do a hunger strike, and his wife, forced looking after him, stay with him for a time, until she catch him devouring cold borsch.

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