The Truth About Popular Culture

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Feb 6, 2018 14:52
Americans excuse me for punctuation )
I watched a TV program recently. It was “Besogon”, meaning this word is something like ‘drowing out demons’ ore ‘exorcism’. In the program was used a video. A handsome American lad was inveighing Popular Culture. He said such things that I cannot denied, but the life teaches to do not take anything without a pinch of salt. The handsome person is Paul Joseph Watson, also known as PJW and he is a supporter of the conspiracy theory. I do not believe in the conspiracy theory. It is interesting for me what does he consider as a root of decline of Western civilisation? Is it aliens? May be it “Russian trace”? However, I think it is undoubtedly that the things articulated in the video are right independently who do it. Opposite, if anybody turns to this ideas it is proves that this ideas are relevant and essential. What do you think? What do you say? “It’s true, we’ve known it a long time” or “it’s nonsense”? Maybe “It’s just populism”?