A Private Sector

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Feb 8, 2018 17:06
A private or individual sector (частный сектор) is districts occupied single-family houses. In the Soviet time, citizens could not have a flat in block of flats in ownership. However, single-family house could be in ownership. The state could not provide apartment for everyone, so it allow people to build house for themselves. Even in case of unplanned settlements generally were legitimized. In actually, house often was building for two family. Such a house in basically is countryside house. It was not big and luxurious in the past. There was not central heating, houses was heating by coal and firewood. There were not water supply and sanitation (there are not now often), but there was a small plot of land and people could have vegetable garden. Someone have hens, ducks, rabbits or nutrias. In the outskirts of my town, people have cows even. People name these districts private or individual sector out of habit.