A Lunar Eclipse and a Super Moon

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Feb 1, 2018 13:32
Yesterday was the lunar eclipse and the supermoon. Many people saw it, but I live relatively a little further to the East, so I hope I published this entry before you’re sick of reading about it. Yesterday morning (it was dark yet), when I left the house, I noticed in the west full Moon was very low and it was very big. You know, when Moon is low above skyline it seems bigger. When I came home and looked through the window, I saw full Moon being very low in the east. It’s amazingly itself, but as I came to the window to close curtains a little later(it was getting dark), I saw the Moon is half-shut – it seems like the new Moon. It’s the lunar eclipse. I haven’t seen a lunar eclipse before, and I haven’t heard that it would be today. I sometimes heard from the news that somewhere in the world a lunar eclipse would be, but that it was this day I wouldn’t. I’d lost the beginning of eclipse. I thought to come out for the looking, but I was too tired. It’s better that I didn’t the eclipse was going on some hours. I gave look through the window from time to time and saw haw the moon was being closed by the shadow, how it, completely shadowed, was rising in the sky, how it started to open. It was so long. What is interesting, it seemed to me that the moon stared closing from the left side and opening from the low side.