A Nonpolitcorrect Fiction Story

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Oct 22, 2018 13:51
I can remember a little science fiction story. I read it a very long time ago – in 90-th. This was a little booklet printed on very bad paper. Of course, I didn’t read many glossy magazines before and books often printed on thin greyish paper, but that booklet – it was something unimaginable. Well, the story… The plot was banal. Aliens was trying occupying the Earth. People didn’t notice presence of the aliens. The aliens used query strategy to destroy people. They had weapon that deleted men’s genitalias from distance. A man gets up in the morning and find out that he become an eunuch. By the design of the aliens, the castrated men become a passive homosexual, as result people will stop to reproduce and and humanity starts to extinct. It’s a strange story, isn’t it?
I can remember a movie that named ‘День Гнева’ (The Day of Rage). Scientist created a new race of genetically modified people. They had perfect bodies and strong intellect. Alas, they had a lack of sympathy to other beings, especially to ordinary people. I haven’t know whether somebody did a remake of this story. It’s pity that only comics and zombie are in trend today.
Reading educational articles in books, magazine or Internet, we can come across information that the extinct Neanderthal had more volume of the brain than Homo Sapience and ancient people often eats Neanderthals. It’s seems that our wretched ancestor just ate good Neanderthals (and this was the beginning modern troubles of the Earth). I have an internal prejudges against this. I prefer to consider that spices of Homo Sapience had stronger parent instinct or at least ability to act together. However, evolution is evil thing: the strongest still try to eat another in our days and it isn't always hesessary that another is smalest