Spending a Night on Small Sumulta

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Mar 10, 2019 21:27 mountains voyage

Small Sumulta (Малая Сумульта) is a rapid river in the Altai Mountains. (It flows into… Do you have any idea? Into Big Sumulta). The river winds on wide woody glen. By the both side the glen is fenced by mountains. In the place where we were camping the left bank of the river was close to the mountains’ slopes covered with Siberian pines (we call them cedars). On the right bank of the rivers, the bottom of the glen owergrew with cedars and harrowed with many a stream flowing to the river. The forest cut in the talus / scree (locals called it ‘crum’, ‘крум’ in Russian) behind us. We spent in that place a day and two nights. On the first night our guides came away for hunting. We were sitting around the camp fire before going to bed when the guide’s dog leaped upon feet and gave a bark in the dark. We became alarmed, and asked each other, “What’s up? Maybe the horses go away?” If horses had gone away, we had to search them in the mountains, so we went to check up the horses. The horses were there they had to be. (By the way, have you known that horse’s eyes lights in the dark like cat’s ones?)
Our hunters were back in the morning (they had no luck in their hunt). I told them of the night alarm. The man shrugged his shoulders and said tepidly, “A bear must had gone along the talus.”
A bear? All right. Okay.