A Sociable Customer

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Oct 18, 2018 19:23
I’m selling some needless things. Dishware, closes, books… I took their pictures and advertised them on OLX. A woman phoned me, “Do you still have teapots?” I sold one of the four, “Yes. I have some.” At the last Sunday, she come to my place. She was Kazakh about 50 or 60 years old. I guided her in the room, where the things were stowed. “What is this?” she asked looking at something, I forgot what it was, “Are you selling this?” It strikes to me that she was ready to buy all. She took strip carpetings, Christmas decorations, tambour, sieves, towels, old plastic Christmas tree, alcohol-measure unit (for a friend)… I hadn’t thrash away the old needle bank, because it belonged to my mother – I presented it to the woman. Some things I gifted her, some I sold for token prize. Nevertheless, at the end, it was two big bags and all her cash. Unfortunately, it took me all time before the noon, but, tell the truth, I was glade to shirk of chores at hurt. The woman was sociable (now they call this “emotional intellect”, that is that I always short). During the deal I knew about her life. She and her husband retired and moved to country for farming (people usually moved to towns from country). That was why she bought some obsolete things, “I’m a villager now,” she said. She refused tea (I have green tea only) and I entertained her showing family photos while she waited a taxi. I helped taxi-driver to carry and sling heavy bags on the car. Some minute after they drive away she phoned me again, “Hallo, Vladimir, this is Bachytgul, I forgot the alcohol-measure unit!” “No you didn’t. I put it in the box with Christmas tree.” She must returned for some things for that she didn’t have place in the bags or cash, if her husband wouldn’t kill her. And she owed me those big bags. The funny thing is she bought none of teapots.