Are You Lost in the World?

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Feb 5, 2018 16:40 Humor
Cyber Punk, Steam Punk, simply Punk, what are exist more? Fantasy Punk? Christian Punk? I knew a man very long ago who said, “I like feeling my lungs are teared as I’m smocking”. “Aggression directed inside” – I read it in a book. Many people smoke or drink. Many people like heavy music. Are they kike feeling their brain punished? If such one lives near to you, you hardly would name it “Aggression directed inside”. One such fellow lives above me. He like the Rap. The Rap is the beat. The beat is bass. And the drum. Boom-boom-boom. Do you see? There are more and more reasons to hate this world. There are more and more people do it. There are more and more people bring Freedom or radical Islam or something more. Proponents of tolerance who have manners inquisitors... Postmodernism. People, you had better smoke or drink.

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